Results of the project "Beautiful Places - Open Hearts"

The Department of International Educational Projects at the Centre of Education in Zelenogorsk, Russia have conducted from November 2001 to March 2002 the project: "Beatiful Places - Open Hearts" with the intention to discover creative gifted children from over the world.

In this project, 196 pupils in age of  7-18 have participated: 105 school children from abroad and 91 children from Russia.  The pupils have written poems with lines which come from their hearts, and they have drawn pictures, that represented their life, their dreams,  and their understanding of the surrounding world.

Participants of the project

10 educational establishments from 3 cities:
Zelenogorsk - 8 schools (81 pupils)
Zhelesnogorsk -  the Cosmonautic School (2 pupils)
Krasnoyarsk - school Nr. 8 (8 pupils)

6 educational establishments from 6 states:
North Carolina, Winston Salem, Third Grade Class (2 pupils)
Illinois, East Dubuque II, High School (6 pupils)
Texas, Brownsville, Aiken Elemenatry School (3 pupils)
Ohio, Hamilton (21 pupils)
Washington (19 pupils)
Nebraska, Omaha (10 pupils)

Great Britain
2 schools:
Devon, Exeter, Computer Club (2)
Kent, Derwent Lodge School (16)

1 school:
Mohammedia, Groupe scolaire Claude Monet (16 pupils)

You can look the creative works of participants.

May, 24th 2002 we have conducted the festival for pupils of Zelenogorsk, wich was devoted to the results of our project "Beautiful Places - Open Hearts".
All pupils have received certificates of participation, and our teachers have received letters of thanks from the head of the Centre of Education.
The Poem Book is planned to be publish by December 2002.
If you are interested in the photos of the holiday or in the meanings of the participants about our project, you can look and read it.

We invite you to take part in the international projects for 2002/2003!