Exeter Devon, England, Great Britain

Hello from Walter Daw School Computer Club,

We are seven and eight years old and we go to
Walter Daw First School in Exeter Devon,
England, United Kingdom.  The children can
come here from the age of 3 to 8 years.  Then
they go to a different school. Wlater Daw
School is a happy place.  We are going to do
a pantomime for Christmas. It is called The
Nutcracker. We will act the story  and there
will be some music by Tchaikovsky and some
funny songs and dances too.

Now we would like to share some information
about the place where we live - Exeter,

Here are some things that we like about
living in Exeter.

Exeter is a fun plus an amusing place.  there
are friendly people.  They are not a little
bit mean at all.  We have interesting places
like the museum and the library, fast food
places, interesting schools, joyful kids,
clever teachers.   from Sam  aged 8

There are lots of swimming pools - love
Thomas camp   aged 7

McDonalds is a place where we eat burgers.
It's great. i've been there 5 times. It's in
Exeter.  It has a big golden M.

Exeter is good place to live in.  You will
see ....  if you come!

Miles Woolnough  and Nicholas Gooding.

We will send more messages next time and
pictures of our school.

Best wishes from

Mrs Bates   <wbates@walterdaw.devon.sch.uk>

and Walter Daw Computer Club

postal address:    Woodwater Lane