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Future Lander, the land of  Blue Dreams.
Future Picture from GameLandLander

One of the most dangerous project ever been...
Are you ready to explore the open space? to discover new worlds? to be a peacemaker and stop the war? to contact with new civilizations? to decipher ancient texts? to find out any artifacts of lost civilization? if you are than join our new project " Future Lander"

Ignition. First stage is the start from your home world. Objective: Send us your personal files, names of yours spaceships. All data will be accessible on our central computer:
Russian Flag
Rebeca Matte Bello School, Dra. Obdulia Jimenez de Pena School, Future Landers in Wonderland
flag of Japan
Flag of UK
Brave Folks
Milky Way
New Millennium Girls
Angels on Earth


Connection. First connections with all participants. Objective: send us your photo  (if possible), picture or plan of your spaceship. All spaceships will use navigate equipment for first connection: chat, voice chat or images transferring to communicate with other teams. Date of connection will be decided. We can send you an ICQ program, if necessary. Our first planet is UPSILON.

Desolation. Planet of warriors who fight each other for hundreds of years and even had forgotten the reason of beginning their war. Objective: Play role of peacemakers and offer solution to stop the War.

Shambala. Planet of highly developed creatures unfortunately inhabited. Objective: to find out any artifacts of lost civilization examine them and to detect the reason Why this planet is inhabited.

The Probe. Objective. To receive data from the probe landed on the planet Future. Be prepared to the landing on unexplored planet.

Landing. Preparation for landing. Objective: to meet with each other face to face on the planet Future (some people call this planet Zelenogorsk).

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