.Our Space Craft

Commander Vitaly Prussov 'n his assistant  Nataly  Tsuverkalova.

  We would like to present you our team. Our team has an intention
to begin our flight from Kaluga (it is our home town  and  it  is
the town where the Father of Russian  cosmonautics  (Tsiolkovsky)
lived and work; and even we study at school where he taught).
     Our command consists of ten pupils. All of us live in one city
Kaluga, we study at the same school. We are fourteen  and  fifteen
years old. Our command is called "Curiosity", because we want  to
know everything. Our chief is Vitaly Prussov. He has a big  expe-
rience in taking part in different projects.And his assistant is Nataly  Tsuverkalova.
She plays the  piano  and  knows  English  well.  Nataly  studies
English and speaks French a little
.There is a lab on our  ship  (our ship is a scintific one) where we can do any work we like.
 Lab managers are Petrovskaya Ann and Dudina Sveta. They like  to
study science,especially biology.
Our  ship,  as  any  scientific carrien, have a medical  room  and  the  room  of  relaxation.The
manegerof this room is Molchanova Natalia. She  likes  sport  and
likes biology, chemistry and English.And she wants us be  healthy
and happy.
Our monitors mechanics is Kirill Demidenko.He also  has
an experience in taking part  in  different  projects.  He  plays
basketball.He is very sociable and he has many friends. He  likes
computer games.
 Our pilots are Kaliadin  Andrew and Kareva Lisa. Udalov  Alex
is the navigation officer.


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