Commander Vitaly Prussov 'n his assistant  Nataly  Tsuverkalova.

  We began our flight from aerodrome "The New Planet". As then we removed from the Earth, we dived into a sky deeper and deeper. Blue, grey and white  clouds flashed past us, but they were getting dark gradually and? we understood that we were in space.
We saw immense red-hot spheres, liked suns, in illuminator of our spaceship. Some spheres were blue, other were red, yellow and  of other colors. Some were  of immense size, other were smaller. They were stars. We guided by their combinations (constellations) in the way. And we saw the biggest and brightest star in our Galaxy. It were the Sun. We saw our Earth,  Mars,  Mercury, and planets-giants, such as  Jupiter,  Saturn,  Uranus and other.
  Jupiter has an unique brightly-red with yellow color, which blinded us while we were flowing  pass. Numerous, motley rings of the Saturn impressed us. Saturn has only four rings, but great number of color-changes makes an impression of big amount of them.
        Also we saw a comet. It was a magnificent occurrence. The comet had a big splendid train. The train of a comet usually consists of stardust, many gases, and very little asteroids.
        Our spaceship repeatedly hitted into the asteroid's rain. And our spaceship endured this ordeal with credit. Our spaceship is unordinary. It was constructed especially for our flight. Our spaceship looks like as a large ring, having a scale of about half of kilometers. Command deck and engines are situated in the center of this ring. A control of all systems is having a place here.
        Our engines were constructed by the Einstein's principle. Engines transform space junk, stardust and small asteroids into the energy of photons. When our spaceship flying, a long, fluorescent stream is seeing, and our spaceship likes mushroom.
        There is not imponderability in our ship, because our "mushroom" is rotating. The outward ring consists of four decks: laboratory, recreation, hydroponics and life deck.
        Two men must be on duty in control deck. They must verify course and watch on situation outside ship. We are on duty in turn.
Maybe it will be interesting to you to read a story that happened  with us on one planet. It's name is

        In the watch of Andrew an extraordinary event was happened. He detected a planet in the system of Khaleb star, though it can't be there theoretically. Because of this  fact all crew gathered in  a watch module. The planet on the screens quickly grew and approached?
       There were very few clouds, and we saw  the beautiful sphere. Light-blue water limited green contours of two continents. There were many forests, hills and meadows. Even mountains were in the southern part of fewer continents.
        It was decided to explore it in turns: two men went to the planet to spend a  week where they  had chosen. Each pair hoped that  something  would happen in their turn. And it happened?
        It happened during the third week after  Natalie  and Alexey  had gone to the planet. They had chosen a place near mountains. Going on the forest, Alex noticed a  road. Alex called Natalie and they went by this road. The way led them  to a wooden house. Somebody hacked firewood near  it. When he saw  them, he ran to the house. "Maybe, he was frightened by us" - said Alex, but a stranger came back. "It's interesting, if  he would  understand us?". "I don't know" - replied Natalie, but this situation
        In the ship the crew met them warmly. Having rested the stranger told them his history:
        "There are nobody except me. I'm alone. But why? When I had finished my institute, I had to defend my diploma work. I descanted in the caves for three month. I lived in the depth of three hundred meters. One day a  landslip closed the only exit I knew.  I was searching the way for many years, but when I found it? Ruins. I see them  every night. There was nobody on the surface? It was many years ago. I am growing old slowly.
My name is Clody. You have to decide, if  you take me with you  or not."
We decide unanimously to take him with ourselves and we going farther, into the Search?

 The planet Upsilon was on  our way. Many people tried to research it. We were interested in this planet, because we read a  journal by one of the explorers of this planet. We decided  to  continue  his research. We knew, that two races on Upsilon have been fighting for many  hundred years.
     We took patterns of the soil and atmosphere. Biosphere on Upsilon is very old  and it is broken. We decided to land on it. We found  an old war- ravaged town and we divided into three couples. In some hours we got together, but Andrew and Ann were absent. We tried to communcate with them, but a signal  was  absent.  We linked  with our capitan Vitaly ,  and  he commanded to come back to our ship. We decided to  send  scouts to  their meeting. They found  out,  that  Andrew  and  Ann  were  in captivit
 The  war  was stopped for time of the negotiations. On the negotiations  men and dolphins concluded a treaty. We left Upsilon with Andrew and  Ann and we believed, that the peace on Upsilon  will  last  for  many  trillions of years.
 We want to propose you one more version.  If  we could speak the  language  of  these  two  peoples,  we  could explain them what the  war did on our home planet "the Earth", how many people were killed  because of war conflicts.  If our  culture is closed to the people of Upsilon, we could give  the meaning  of the words about war using pictures, photoes etc.
 But, as they live on a planet situated outside our Solar System, they live in the conditions which differ  from  those  the  Earth people live in.Their culture differs from our  culture  and  they understand  neither our words nor our idea about life  and  peace.
That's why we couldn't explain them anything in telling it or  in explaing it in a picture.
 We could propose our way of reconciliation of these two nations. It is necessary to take two persons from different nations to the Earth (on to another planet) put them  in  the  conditions  where they can't exist without the help of each other. Thanks  to  that they will see each other every day, they have to help each  other to survive. It is difficult to communicate  with  each  other  if they have to help each other (to protect themselves). They  could understand each other because on the Earth they a
 It is clear that we have much time (a month or a year) but  step  by step they begin to understand each other, their positions and  the hostility between them disapear. We hope it so much.

 Administrator (Ludmila K.Matveeva


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