Commander Eliana  Concha  Orellana
Our Space ship
Angels  on Earth

    This picture is our symbol.  We like very much because it is funny, isn’t it?  We all belong to “Doctor Obdulia Jiménez de Peña” School.  It is a small but very good School, here in Concepción , Chile.   Welcome to our  country. Pleased to meet you.We love our school very much.  Miss Eliana is our teacher  of  English and   she is in charge of  our Computing Workshop.We are boys and girls and chose a motto: “ If  you  are well, I am well, so let’s  help  one another” . We have called ourselves “ Angels  on Earth”  because our idea is to be real and authentic Peacemakers, working on ourselves to be better each day, but without stopping to play and have fun, so we are with our feet firmly put on the ground, but with our eyes and heart in  the sky. We agree with our friends from “Rebeca Matte Bello” School  about the  name “Future Landers in Wonderland”. We  are always corresponding with them. 
Hello. I am  Pedro  Juan  and I am 10 years old.  I am gld to be in touch with you because I like to have friends and i think Russia is a beautiful, big country. My hobbies are: computers and  skating,.  My favourite subjects are ; Science , English and History.  My pets are 4 cats, one dog and 2 hamsters.My favourite colour  is red. On holidays  I like to go to the country.I am a good student. I like our project “Future Lander”, because I want to know everything about planets. 
I am Gerson and  I am 10 years old.  Iam very happy to be in touch with you all and I would like to  meet you face to face someday.  My hobby is collecting old  national and international coins. I like playing computer games, football and joining Children’s like cycling, too   I’m very  fond of writing poems and short compositions about different topics. I am good at it and have won several prizes.Our project, “Futeure Lander” is very interesting. I like planets very much. My pet i my cat  named “Silvestre”
Hello. I am  Pedro  and I am 11 years old.. Nice to meet you. My hobbies are: Computers and Cycling. My favourite subjects at school are ; Math and Computing. I have  several pets: 3 cats and 2 dogs. My favourite colour is green . I like to go to the beach, especially San Antonio which is to the north of  our country. I am very friendly. I like our project very much because I am curious about planets and people in other galaxies. 
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