Commander Eliana  Concha  Orellana

   Launch Vehicles  and  Spaceships

 We have two   rockets   used   to   launch  manned  spaceships :

1.-   VIR  2000     will be employed  with  the  SIRIO  2000 spaceship.  It is   1,456     feet  high ,  including   the   lenghth    of   the   capsule .
The rocket has a thrust of  36  million  pounds.  It   can  carry  960,000   pounds  into  several planets orbit   or launch  a   180,000 pound payload  on several  planets journey.  
VIR  2001  will  be  employed  with the SIRIO 2001  spaceship.  Both  artifacts  are designed exactly the same

Both   SIRIO 2000   and  SIRIO  2001  are designed exactly the same.
They have demonstrated the feasibility of manned space flight.
They  test  many  of the techniques required for landing   men on different planets , such as rendezvous procedures and  leaving  and re-entering and  orbiting a spaceship. 
To  carry  33  men  into orbits around  different  planets, land all of them , if necessary and some 320  pounds  of scientific equipment  on the different planets surface, and  then return the crew  safely  to the earth   

Both spaceships  will be always  in touch.  They are very comfortable have special bedrooms, dining-room, living – room, bathrooms, computer –rooms , a language  laboratory , a  Mozart music  room  and lots of games, a  swimming –pool  and lots of food and water, just in case. Apart, of course , there are special  rooms  for relaxing and practicing  meditation, levitation , telepathy and different  health techniques: hydrotherapy, colortherapy, musictheraphy, odourtheraphy, flowertheraphy.  gym self-control  techniques are also contemplated. 

We have already launched  our spaceships  and want to join you . We are studying our maps.  We hope to find you , otherwise   we’ll be in touch.  

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