Commander Eliana  Concha  Orellana
Our Space ship
Angels  on Earth

I am Loribeth. I am 13 years old. I am in 8th  grade. This is the last year in Primary school, so I have to go to a new school, to go on studying  Middle School which are 4 years more of studies. I am a very good student and I like computers, English , Spanish., I like our project very much because I am interested in learning  more about planets and  I like working for Peace in the world.I wrote a short tale called “An unforgettable experience” . I asked my teacher to send it to you, in case I cannot continue  with the project. Anyway I’ll do my best to go on.My best wishes to you all.

I am Héctor and I am   14 years old. I am in the  8th grade  of  primary studies and I have to go to a new school to continue with 4 years od Middle School. I think it is called Secondary School there. I want to study Mechanics. I like Computers, English  and Math.  I like the project “Future  Lander” very much and I wrote a short   tale  called         “The Little Flautist”. I hope I can continue with this project in some special  computing  sessions. See you. Be   good and have lots of fun.
I am Pamela  and Iam 13 years old.  I am happy to be in touch with you. My favourite subjects at school are Computing, English, Spanish,  and Music.  I like  to write about different subjects. I like our project “Future Lander” because it is an unknown subject  for me and Iam interested in learning about planets, new worlds and galaxies. It is beautiful to look at the sky and see so many brilliant stars, but it would be more beautiful to visit one  and  look all around.See you. Write to me, please. 

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