Contact with possible Extraterrestrial Life

Recommendation for the human Contact Team to Interact with Unknown Life Forms

Contact teams meeting an Unknown Life  Form must be prepared for severe psychological impact. Extreme anxiety response will almost certainly occur. The personality traits of individuals who can withstand extreme anxiety must be determined and such individuals selected to comprise the team.

Many theorists argued that communication with extraterrestrial is impossible, because humans would have nothing in common with them. These thinkers pointed out that just a human bodies represent the outcome of of many evolutionary events...there was nothing inevitable about how we look at the Universe...but we have to try...


Contact team report. With photos.

photo1 photo2 photo 3
We find out that there are two races on Upsilon. And they  fight each other for hundreds of years and even had forgotten the reason of beginning their war. We don't know if they could understand us....Yet men and dolphins might appear virtually identical when compared with this creatures differe.... that separated us from.....traterrestrial creatures, .... found, they are  the product of billions of years of evoluti.... in Upsilon planetary environment. Such an extraterrestrial would be unlikely to see the world as we do...end of transfer.

Waiting fro more details. Our Contact team continue investigation.

Alien contact was only a possibility.
Possible solutions:
RAN away!!!
Or offer solution to stop the war. (But don't forget we do not know if they understand words or not, may be we can use symbols but how will we tell them that we are the peace makers?)

Pictures by Mirs

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