Commander Eliana  Concha  Orellana
Our Space ship

I’m Elizabeth. I’m 11. I love dancing very much. I like   “Backstreet Boys” .I like Computing very much. I love our planet, the Earth and think we have to take care of it and keep it clean, healthy and peaceful.My favourite subjects are Spanish, Drawing, Computing. English and Artistic Education..My hobbies are dancing, singing, drawing, colouring, swimming, listening to music and watching TV, but I don’t practice them all. My pet is a she- little  rabbit  called “Starmy”.
ErikaMy name is Erika . I am 12 years old. I’m in sixth grade. My favourite subjects  at school  are :Technological Education, Physical Education, Science, Music. I also like Computing and English very much. I like poems.I like the project “Future Lander” very much. I  find planets are very beautiful and I think there is human life  in most of planets. Maybe they are different. We all have to help one another because we are brothers to all  people.Friendship is important  for me.
CarlaI’m Carla.  I’m  12 . I like  Latin American dancing  very much. My favourite  subjects at school are : Computing, Physical Education,  English, Spanish, Technological Education . I like  to make up my face, but my teacher says  I’m too young. Do you think so? My hobbies are dancing, going on excursions  with my family,  making friends, watching TV, singing and making poems.I like our project “Future Lander” a lot  and I love  being in touch with all of you.  I find the Universe is beautiful and perfect and we should be  so, as well.  I  like to smile  and I would like to be like a star twinkling full of  love.

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