Commander Eliana  Concha  Orellana
Our Space ship

Hello. Iím Carolina . Iím  12 . My favourite subjects at school are English, Science , Music  and Computing. I sometimes study to get good  grades. I like ďFuture LanderĒ  very much , because investigating new worlds and planets is interesting and amusing  for  me.  I like singing, too.  Peace and Harmony are very important in the world and it doesnít matter if our countries are miles away, we can always smile and have good  wishes for you all. I love hearts and maybe the world should be full of  them.
I am Jasna and I am 13 years old. I like having friends,  dancing  and having a good time. I like Computing and Physical Education.  I sometimes like writing but what I most like  is to be quiet and happy. I love making up my face, but  our  teacher  says  I am too young and that  I  will spoil my face and eyes. I donít like wearing a uniform at school, I prefer jeans or mini skirts. About projects, I like them very much, but I find it is so difficult  to live  in peace in the world. Anyway I try to be  better each day.
I am   Tatiana and I am 13 years old. I am very happy to be in touch with you.  Even Russia is   many  miles  away from Chile, I find we are near when we communicate through  e-mails and this page. I belong to my school   Latin American Dance Group, because I like music, dancing and singing very much.  At school , I like Computing, English, Physical educating and Music a lot. I sometimes write poems and compositions about different topics. I like to make my face up and eating fast food, but my teacher says it  is  not good fo my health, because  my face and eyes will get old  and my body very fat. Do you think so? I like our project ďFuture Lander ď a lot because I think the Universe is  fascinating ¡ 

Hello everybody.Iím   María José. I am  12.I like Drawing very much and Iím very good at it. I have won many prizes  competing with many other schools. I like  the project  ďFuture LanderĒ a lot.  Planets are very attractive for  me because  I love the unknown and Iím not afraid of it. I like to dream beautiful  things like Peace and Harmony. At school I like.  Artistic Education, Physical Education, Computing and English, though I donít know very much.  I like to write poems and compositions in Spanish.. Iím very glad to be in touch with you. 

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