Welcome to Siberia!

This is a small part of our "Astronomy from Siberia" web-site. And if you can understand in russian - look here.
This pages were created especially for our foreinger partners and mostly as a part of our participation in the "International School Observatory" project.
Observatory dome We built our small observatory dome on the roof of one out-of-town bilding, where our citizens could take a week-end rest years ago.
Inside the dome Rotating 3.5 meter dome with our telescope - homemade 150 mm (F=695 mm) Newtonian and SBIG ST-6 CCD camera
Dear friends! I'm Sergey Guryanov (Mr.) - an astronomy and physics teacher from the small Siberian town Zelenogorsk (it means something as a Green mountains town). And I'm working in the Center for Education - institution for additional education for high school students (13-16 years old mostly). I'm also an experienced astronomy-amateur and editor of the Russian "Zvezdochyot" (Stargazer) magazine.
We are studing the science and try to observe maximum of sky wonders with our students. And we are open for cooperation with any another amateur astronomy groups and classes worldwide.

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