Wow! We are a participants of ISO (International School Observatory) project!

The ISO is a collaborative project between the British Council, the Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and Japan Spaceguard Association.
This web-based Internet observatory is giving schools around the world access to professional robotic telescopes and it provides the opportunity for young people to work together on collaborative science projects, make new friends and experience the excitement of science observation and discovery.
At the European meeting in late October 2000 scientists agreed that only 40 schools will be invited to participate in the first stage. 10 schools from the UK and 10 schools from Japan and the rest from other countries which include Russia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Philippines and Malaysia.
And we are one of them! According to press-release BC in Moscow (Russia) from 29 Mar. 2001, there are two schools will be involved in the pilot stage of  ISO-project from Russia:
1. Liceum N40, Nijni Novgorod, and
2. Municipal Center for Education, Zelenogorsk, Siberia - we are.

At the meeting in BC Moscow (I'm and Dr.Bell are from right)At our first meeting in BC-Moscow (12 Apr 2001 - see photo) we become acquainted with Dr. Elizabeth Bell (Assistant Director in Science, Engineering and Technology) and some BC Science Officers. BC presented us a small QuickCam, so  we can use it in our work now...

Just before our new 2001/2002 school-year we also received some CD-s with LT (Liverpool JMU telescope) information and software and "The Asteroid Catcher B-612" software with images from Bisei Spaceguard Centre (JSGA). Now we are working with AstCat B-612 and discuss our common proposals for the LT JMU and JSGA telescopes observations with our partners.

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