Our School Observatory:
(N56.2/E94.6 deg. and ~200m above sea level)

Our small observatory is located near Zelenogorsk (Siberia), in 170 kms to east from Krasnoyarsk - our regional main city. It includes a tower with a rotary dome (D=3.5m) on a roof of one of buildings. We have some telescopes, field-glasses, photo-accessories, atlases, computer programs and special literature.

Sun observations. Venus observations.
Our basic instrument is homemade D=150mm & F=695mm Newtonian reflector.

Despite of its small size, we have learned to receive rather detailed views of heavens. Mostly with using CCD SBIG ST-6 (silicon photoreceiver). As an illustrations, we offer to visit our Photo-gallery.
If you are interested with the detailed textual information on our activity - look here.

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