Adale and a lake are amazing words
Romantic Palace love best of all
Atractive valley I can see
And Loch Ness Monster
By name Nessie.
                             Ignatovich Sasha, 10

Don't be a bad pupil
Try to like English and Maths
You must get good marks
And you'll be the best pupil in the class.

I dream to visit an exotic wood
Crocodiles ,parrots-it's very good.
Exotic animals and birds-
It's fantastic wood in the world.
                                       Sashina Mary, 11

Hello, my friend
I'm from Siberia
My Dad is an accountant,
My mum-an expert of merchandise.
My sister is a student,
I'm a schoolchild
We are a happy family.
                                   Chmel Pavel, 12
I like a cat, cat's name is Tom.
Tom likes kitecat, but doesn't ljve mt.
                                     Sobolev Andrey, 12

I think about life.
I think about fate.
But I don't think
About wicked date.
I dream about peace,
Pease on our Earth
When there aren't unlucky persons.
When people are happy and kind
(It's my personal mind)
When there isn't any war
And the sun shines more and more.
                                       Abasheva Olga, 13
Mummy. Daddy,Brother, me
We are a funny family.

Russia is an attracive land,
There are a lot of pets.
Dogs and cats walk in the steets
They like eating fish and chips.

          Vlasov Sasha, 10

There is a chappel on the square.
People often go there.
They want to see Jesus Crist
And talk to him about their life.
When I come home from school
Every day I clean my room.
But I don't like doing this work
Because I like to go for a walk.
And my mother says to me:
After work you can be free,
So after doing home work
I often go for a walk.
                                          Skobtzov Artem,12
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