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   Our friends from Chile send us wonderful description of planet they found on their way to blue planet. Details

   These are our impressions about the new planet we found.

   Shambala, planet of highly developed creatures. Unfortunately it was inhabited. (Picture 1) We investigated and found wonderful caverns with pictures that showed high development in all disciplines: Music, Art, Poetry, Singing, Astronomy, Mathematics, Language, Geometry, Grammar; Science and Technology.

   Why this planet is inhabited ?

   It was a planet of Peace, Harmony and Love.

   All creatures were highly developed from the spiritual and material point of view. All Universal Principles were profoundly "forged " in their hearts. Beauty and Order was all over the planet. They were able to use Energy to get all they needed to survive as in Eden.

   There were highly developed Centers of Culture chaired by Venerable Masters, Magicians in the best sense, who taught the Universal Principles, Magic, Powers in relation with the right use of Energy; Telepathy, Precipitation of Elements; Telekinesis.; Art, Music, Chorus, Astronomy, Geometry...

   The main reason why they lost many of their powers and finally catastrophes came was the bad use of Energy. They used it for selfish purposes, for pleasure only, forgetting their main duties of Peace, Harmony and Love. Pride and Arrogance, low Passions and a complete obscurity and sadness. They grew very old and ugly and resentment and threats dwelled in their hearts.

   We suffered so much when we discovered this !!!

   As this was predicted by Venerable Masters, some years before catastrophes and disaster came , many strategies were used, but many people liked their license and dissolute behaviour and went on in this way. Poor people !!! All of them died and only wise men, women and children could save themselves by using their own powers. They are now all over the world, helping and supporting the nations to be peacemakers, and save all planets from disaster by teaching them the Universal Principles.

   Picture 2 When we visited the caverns, we had this vision. We listened to the soft, sweet music of a lyre which was magic. We started to see wonderful sceneries, and also saw saddening faces, felt happiness and sadness there.

   Picture 3 This musician was protected by Muses. The main instruments were lyres, flutes , drums and zithers.

   Picture 4 Dark creatures who destroyed their own lives and the planet development attracting disaster.

Picture 5 Sadness, cries and wail for all lost goodness.

The lament of the fleeting nature of passion. Best wishes, "The New Millenium Girls", "Angels on Earth" Concepcion. Chile.

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