Interactive Summer School June 08 - 17
Dear friends!!

We are Center of Education in small Siberian town Zelenogorsk, Russia organizing Summer Interactive School (June 08-17) and looking for partners from all over the World to communicate via Internet, E-mail, chat and etc.(ages 10-15 are wellcome)

You can join in as aliens or as humans.

We are aliens from far away star will land on 8th of June and start to explore unknown planet (Earth). We will explore its ecology, languages, economy and how does it look from the outer space. We are planning to broadcast all our activities, so you will see us online.

On 11th of June we are going to send you short description of view from our window. And will eager to receive yours.

On 15th of June we send you our message to Universe from the Earth at the beginning of 21 century. We want to ask you choose 15 mostimportant for you words that describe our World the best and send them via e-mail to us before this date. We are so interested in what young people from different countries think about our civilization.

We would appreciate you greatly if you share this idea with your colleagues or encourage our students by short greeting message.

If you are interested please contact us promptly.
Fax. (39169)4-05-15
Persons to contact:
Stas Pechenov

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