Our Projects (1999-2001)

Future Lander Project

Future Lander Project (1.11.00-31.05.01)
Are you ready to explore the open space? to discover new worlds? to be a peacemaker and stop the war? to contact with new civilizations? to decipher ancient texts? to find out any artifacts of lost civilization? if you are than join our new project " Future Lander"

BirthDay Project
We sing "Happy Birthday to you"... and the person blows the candles out and makes a wish, but does not tell the wish....it is celebrated with a huge party usually with a dance and lots of family and friends

Millennium Project

Goals: September We introduce our countries and ourselves. November The most important event of the century in Our countries. December discussing about preparation for the Millennium. January Welcoming the world to the 21st century.

Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places

Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places
Students at Center of Education, Zelenogorsk, Russia asked their pals from South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, USA to share their Dream Poems in project "Beautiful Places Smiling Faces". Since 1999 they are working together  to connect our real worlds in one Big Dream World.

View Out of the Window

We would like to learn what  the 30th of January is like
  in different parts of the world

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