Zelenogorsk, Russia

Baburina Christina, school 170 Krisin Kostya, school 170


When I wake up and get out of a bed,
Iím always happy
And Iím always glad
That the weather is fine
And thereís lots of sunshine.

I go to school
And Iím always glad
To see and to meet
there my friend.

I learn every day
 many wonderful things
And now I know why a bird loudly sings,
Why the snow is melting,
Why the wind is not coldÖ
Thatís because spring comes into our world.

Yulya Tikhonova, school 161
Sharipova Tanya, school 170   Shadrin Anton, school 170



Homeland, native land
You my kind mother.
You have tender hand
And not find other.
If the rain drizzling
So weeping you,
If the sun light
So gladden you.
My kind homeland
How do you call?
You like my brother, Mum and Dad,
And you like all.

Ann Alshevskaya, school 174

Sulimova Shenya, school 170   Kornilova Nadya, school 170

           Catís Flat.
O-Oh! Itís my little cat
She has her very little flat
She has her beautiful eyes, tail, whiskers
Because she likes her tasty Freskes.

 Mary Petrischeva, school 174

       THE CLOUD
Yellow moon as a little chicken
Went to blue and black night sky,
But the worse and darkest cloud
Shut its face and got dark night.

Sunny got up in the morning,
But it didnít see the sky
And the cloud said so loud:
ďThis places and sky is mine!Ē

but the wind ran so quickly,
That the cloud was frighted,
And the wind blue so strongly,
That the cloud at once vanished.

                                         Samykina Irina, school 174

Smik Maria, school 170  Baburina Christina, school 170

My town is very green,
It has places very clean.
It has a beautiful landscape,
Here people are very great.
 My town is very calm,
It has a river itís name is Kan.
My town is very small,
It has original symbol.
  Rukosueva Oksana, school 170 

There was a girl
Whose name was Jane
She damaged all
But once upon
She hit the hole.
I have got a pig
She was very big
When she left and said
Then I very much to cry.
There was
A kind mouse
She found
A little blouse.
When she ironed
Her blouse,
Then burnt out
Her little house.

  Rukosueva Oksana, school 170

Popuri Kseniya, school 168 Davidenko Kseniya, schol 168
Iíll tell a story.
Not to be boring:
ďIn my house,
Lives a grey cat.
He says: ďMouse,
Youíre bad, bad, bad!Ē
Heís afraid of a mouse
In my house.

Obukhova  Katya, school 169

Iím walking in the forest
And finding a tree!
Oh! Oh! Iím finding a tree!

Iím going free
With a bump on my forehead!
Oh! Oh! A bump on my forehead!

Iím walking in the forest
And finding a fruit!
Oh! Oh! A bear is finding it too!

Iím going free!
With a bump on my forehead!
Oh! Oh! A bump on my forehead!

In my house
Lives a mouse.
In my club
Lives a cub.
I go to the house,
I hate the mouse.
I go to the club,
I love the cub!

                                   Obukhova  Katya, school 169

Nifontova Inga, school 168 Kovalchuk Sergei, school 168
My duty is to go to school,
But I like playing with my little sister!
My Mum wants me to clean the bedroom,
But I donít like making my bed.
Probably I have to do all these things
But I think baby-sitting is more important.

                                  Sasha Lizhyn, Centre of Education

                                I have got a little pet,
                                It is a black cat.
                                He sits in a hat
                                Thatís why heís very glad.

                                There are mice and parrot in my house
                                But my beloved animals is a parrot
                                Because he is not as the little mouse
                                He doesnít eat carrot.
                                After walk the boy said:
                                ďThe bear in zoo, the bear in zoo
                                 Is very peaceful and sad,
                                 For him the tree is not familiar, the sky is not blue.
                                 He is lonely in the worldĒ.

                                                                    Golubeva Ann, school 174

                                    My dream school.
                                    My school is brilliant,
                                    My school is good,
                                    My school is exellent,
                                    My school is full
                                    Of happiness and luck,
                                    Pupils of my are smart
                                    There are clubs of
                                    Photographers and hackers,
                                    Chess players and actors,
                                     Top sportsmen and househelpers,
                                    Pianists and singers songs.
                                    So, to study in my school is wonderful and full.

                                                                                       Karpukhina  Mary, school 174

Muraeva Julia, school 168

Our planet is a beautiful place,
Open your heart for this beauty.
You must guard our wonderful peace
And remember about your duty!

                        Dreams and Reality.
           I dream about beauty life,
           I try to make my happiness.
           I want to meet my only love
           And to enjoy this fortunes.

           I think my life is the largest sleep,
           I know that it is finished.
           I hope that life will be the biggest trip
           And will be passed without soul anguish.

      Ganzha Tanya, Centre of Education

Make a town a beautiful place
A wonderful place, a happier place
Open your heart the kind heart
The hottest heart, the careful heart

Kate Markelova,  Centre of Education