Participants about project

My feelings: a project like the one we shared with you
makes the world a welcoming place. It gives us the
opportunity to make friends in a different way with
those we may never met face to face. It opens our
minds and hearts to the beauty of another country when
we see it shared by those who love it. It also makes
us more aware of our own community when we shared it
with the schools around the world. I was extremely
pleased my students chose to share the feelings of
warmth of our community. This was a rewarding project.
Thank you for becoming our friends!

Thank you for your kind words, I wanted each child
involved and hoped this would give you a better idea
about our community. When I asked the students what
is special about our community, I received answers
from the heart. I did not see anyone say things were
special about Hamilton, rather a feeling of living in
a place where others care. I was quite pleased but at
a loss of how to send that message to others.

Our town cannot grow much as it is like an island with
other communities growning around it. Our town is very
diverse, with many Mexican people recently adding to
the community. They do not speak our language and many
do not like that. In our school we try to teach a bit
of Spanish to help the students understand how hard it
is to learn a new language.

Our town is old and the new City Building looked a bit
out of place, but the city added new streets and
lights to make the city look a bit newer.

It is a friendly town with people who care, and as a
grandma I love the scoccer and tee ball leagues around
the parks. They keep my grandchildren busy and provide
excitement for me. :)

I suppose I should have written a poem as I requested
the kids to do, but I wanted to share my own feelings
about the town. I did not grow up here, but in a
larger city and for years I missed the business of the
city. Now I and thrilled to live here, especially with
one of my grandchildren living next door to me and the
rest about 15 minutes away. Also two of my
grandchildren go to school at St. Julie's so I see
them daily!

This is a beauty of our town!

Mrs. Jean Stringer

St. Julie Billiart School
Hamilton, Ohio


Thank you for your interesting and exciting project, "Beautiful Places -
Open Hearts".

I hope that it gets the success and praise that it deserves!

The project carries a very warm and positive message, that young people
can learn about and appreciate their own environment, and also that
they can participate, in friendship, with students of other
nationalities, exchanging ideas and information about the wonderful
world around them.

I hope that this project succeeds in giving our young people and their
teachers an underlying empathy with other cultures and the ability to
see their own needs and hopes reflected there.

It is important for
people to share ideas with people from other cultures. I think it is the
only way to work towards a more understanding and peaceful world.

Mrs  Wendy Bates

Participator in the project "Beautiful Places - Open Hearts" on behalf
of Walter Daw School, Exeter, England.


I think the project was very meaningful for my staff and students. In light of the recent tragic events in my country, it felt good to hear the nice things students had to say about their world. Children around the world are very similar. It gave us all great hope for the future.

Kelly Ackerman and students
Omaha, Nebraska, USA