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Dear Friends,
During next several days project “Send your name to Mars” ( ) will stop taking names. The last day will be on November 15, 2002. We would like to ask all of you to help us to find out just how popular, interesting and exciting it can be in its last days.

Step 1
Step 1
Then connect to and click on Sign Me Up. Write your name, mark time and click the button “add my name”. Now you should see a success message of your certificate. Please write down time and certificate number exacting it can be in its last days.

E.g. my name is “Stas Pechenov”, time 10.00 GMT (UT), Certificate No. 2967255

Step 2
Repeat Step 1 for every participant you have.

Next participant is CHENG, WEN-JENG, time 10.05 GMT (UT), Certificate No. 2967265

Step 3
Calculate the difference between End and Start time (in minutes), and the difference between your last and first Certificate’s Number.

E.g. 10.05 (GMT) – 10.00 (GMT) = 5 minutes
Last Certificate’s Number is 2967265 - first Certificate’s Number 2967255 = 10 participants

Step 4
Divide number’s difference by the time difference. Now you have approximate rate of people registered per minute be in its last days.

E.g. 10 participants / 5 minutes = 2 participants per minute 

Step 5
Please send your results to us at Include the date and the Greenwich Mean Time (Universal Time), when you have been registered

E.g. In a subject line write:Mars 2003
time: 10.00 - 10.05 UGT (UT)
date: 25.10.02
number of participants: 2 per minute
and if you wish your name(s)

We will try to make a graph, reflecting number of people registering with the project at its last stage. Web page address is You are here The better results, the precise our graph will be.

Original idea Sergey Guryanov and Stas Pechenov, translation Vladimir Bordonosov