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Do you like space? Do you believe that Earth is the only populated planet? Do we all alone in the Universe? Are you afraid of contact with aliens or interested in? If you hope that aliens could be somewhere then meet with first Children's Message to Extraterrestrial!

"First Children's
Message to
Extraterrestrial Intelligence!"

      One of the most interesting problems in the end of century was search for Extraterrestrial. Nowadays we know it like "SETI problem" The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. An idea of contact with unknown life forms unite different specialist like: astronomers, physicists, cyberneticians, radio technicians, linguists, philosophers, and historians. Take a look at page prepared by the SETI Science and Culture Center of the Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics and by the SETI Section of the Radio Astronomy Council, Russian Academy of Sciences.

      The first search for signals from space began in 1960. American radio astronomer Frank Dreick explores space with 26 meters radio aerial. He examined two nearest stars "Whale Tau" and "Eridan Epsilon". Since then scientist searching signals from different stars but the only result they faced up was "The Great Silence of Universe Paradox".

      This fact makes them realize that the problem much more complicated than they thought. And SETI is not just scientific or technical problem but also the problem of all humanity. Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations is not just transmitting of messages; this is cooperation of cultures and very different cultures. The bridge to understanding should be build from different sides. Thus mankind has not only to search but also be prepared for a contact, for example sending own messages like we planning to do.

      When you are reading this text first message on CD-ROMs flying on boards of automatic interplanetary vehicles. Radio transmissions also reaching unexplored stars. By the way radio waves flying with velocity of light reaches stars faster then ships.

      XX century pass SETI program initiative to next generation of young intellectual and brave Youth. Someone of today's students makes the contact real and possibly will take part in it.

      Initiative group of students from Moscow Palace of Creativity offered to prepared Message to Extraterrestrial Intelligent. They believe that human beings are not alone in Universe. Message from Earth will wonderful discover to aliens, especially for children-aliens! It's not just the message to Stars but message to the Future as well. New generations will know about our dreams.А звезды-адресаты станут "маяками надежды": до установления Первого Контакта!

      Scientists are agreeing to send The First Children's Message using one of the biggest telescopes in Russia. Now we have to prepared message. Want Know How?

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